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A Nordic Christmas At Chatsworth

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

This Christmas, step inside Chatsworth House and be magically transported to the mystical frozen realms of the far north.

The Norse god Loki, a powerful sorcerer and mischief-maker, has harnessed his shape-shifting powers to cast an enchanted spell over Chatsworth at Christmas.

Deep Midwinter: A Nordic Christmas at Chatsworth brings to life the Christmas legends, folklore and traditions of the Arctic and Nordic regions in a series of immersive roomscapes. Intricately sculpted 'ice' walls, giant woodland hideaways, sparkling pine forests, candlelight, lanterns and traditional Nordic Christmas decorations crafted from wood and foliage evoke the sights, sounds and scents of the natural world at wintertime.

Step into scenes straight from the pages of famous Nordic fairy tales; the White Bear, the Little Fir Tree, the Snowdrop and the Teapot. Collect postcards on your journey, each featuring popular tales from Nordic children’s authors, including Hans Christian-Andersen, alongside photographs of items from the Devonshire Collections.

Loki, himself, will be making a special guest appearance providing stories, music and magic tricks and enticing you into the garden to admire spectacular illuminated trails and features.

Make a magical Chatsworth Christmas wish to hang on our special Wish Tree and enjoy the chance to snap a Christmas themed photo with family and friends in front of the fun giant snowball or epic 24 feet Christmas trees. Taking a starring role in the celebrations are pieces from the Collections that reflect the Devonshire family's long history of celebrating Nordic culture and its connection to wilderness and nature. Many of the items are not often on display, including items of winter clothing worn by the 11th Duke of Devonshire on his expeditions into the wild, Nordic gems and crystals and a delicate and extremely rare strand of raw silver collected by the 6th Duke of Devonshire and originating from Ilsoe mine in Konsberg, Norway.

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